Dickey and Reynolds Shoot!

Jim & Burt

As most of my readers know, I am a big fan of both author/poet James Dickey and the film of his novel Deliverance. I recently came across this terrific behind the scenes “making” of the film and was particularly interested in Dickey’s personal involvement. It’s worth watching the ten minute clip to see James Dickey […]

The Forsaken hits stores today

Twitter : marco949: Quinn Colson sketch in honor ...

The latest Quinn Colson novel, The Forsaken, officially comes out today. Marco Magallenes, an amazing artist and friend of Quinn, helped us celebrate with this sketch. Thanks, Marco, for the inspiration as I get ready to hit the road for a multi-city tour. Memphis this morning (listen to the Drake and Zeke morning show on […]

The Forsaken Launch Party


If you happen to live close to Oxford, Mississippi, or just passing through, come on by to help celebrate the release of the fourth book in the Quinn Colson series — THE FORSAKEN. Wednesday, July 23rd at 5 p.m at Square Books. We will have plenty of local barbecue and beer on hand. The beer […]

Quinn the Eskimo


As most of you know, THE FORSAKEN hits stores a week from today. I think it’s only fitting to kick off the week with a look at the inspiration for the Quinn novels — starting with the hero’s name. You must check out this terrific cover of the Dylan classic as performed by Kris Kristofferson.  […]

The Bridge


  Since the start, all my novels have had roots in a true story — from Robert Johnson to “Machine Gun” Kelly, Tampa to Phenix City. My latest — THE FORSAKEN — is no exception with ties to an old bridge and two old murders in Statesville, North Carolina. I was in North Carolina earlier […]

Fiction & Bullshit


I’ve been writing novels for a long while now — over fifteen years. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been interviewed over the years by the best of ‘em. But I don’t think I’ve had more fun than being interviewed by writer, Jack Pendarvis, here in Oxford, Mississippi. Basically we cracked open a bottle of […]